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UBI# - 604 726 620

Licensed Contractor - SMALLTS791JB

Bonded - 65425342

Insured - $1,000,000 General Liability

I’m Konan. I am the owner/operator of Small Tractor Services LLC located on Camano Island. The main tool of my business is my New Holland Workmaster 25s. The 25s is a 24.7 hp diesel powered sub-compact tractor that is perfect for the small to medium sized jobs around your home and property. The tractor is incredibly versatile. It has a 1000lb. capacity loader, 60” mid mount mower, backhoe, a 4' box blade grader and a 4' rotary cutter, 4' tiller, 5' landscape rake, 5' landplane, and the ability for clearing.

In addition to the tractor I also have a 16' dump trailer to haul materials to and from your job site. 

I pride myself in being professional and dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction in all parts of our interaction. Whether I’m coming to give a free quote, working on your property, delivering or picking up equipment, or talking on the phone, I strive to provide the highest quality customer service available in the business with kindness, patience and respect. 

Check out the ‘Services’ page to see some of the common services that I offer. I’m open-minded, so if you think there is a job you need done by my small tractor, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


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